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or the art of doing only that which you have mastered.

PE plans, delivers and maintains control and monitoring systems for complex systems with the highest requirements in terms of availability and safety for

Networks for the transportation and the distribution of energy
  and water
Pipelines for oil, gas and chemicals
Loading systems and warehouses
Industrial facilities

Our solutions are as unique as our customers. They are seamlessly integrated into technical as well as organisational processes acting as reliable intermediaries between the systems and the users. Regardless of whether it’s a renovation under operating conditions or a new system, simple automation island or multiple complex processes in several locations - we have the required product portfolio, the ability and the experience as well as the passion for detail to come up with the correct solution. As a result, your technical and organisational processes will run safely, reliably and efficiently.

So that you can master your control system and thus your processes beneficially, we provide a modular system of high performance, scalable products. From data acquisition and visualisation to higher functions such as real-time monitors, forecasting, future simulation, leak detection and leak localisation, optimisation, supply chain management etc. All modules are seamlessly integrated and are managed and operated under one control panel.


PE’s production is done exclusively in Germany and Austria according to the principles of German engineering and workmanship. From product design to project management to 24/7 support.