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Any decision made in a supply system or in a production process is only as good as the information on which it is based and the correctness of the time at which it is executed.

Regardless of whether it’s SCADA, DCS, MES, MIS, SCM, a simulation or planning system - with a solution from PE, each of your employees and partners has the exact information and interaction options required for their decisions and actions at any time and in any place, non-stop and in real-time.

Our objective: Simplicity by using intelligent technology. PE transforms huge quantities of data, complex processes and contexts into information easy to understand and ready for decision and action. Creativity and collaboration instead of routine work and coordination effort.

Our portfolio of solutions comprises:

  • Analysis and optimisation of technical and organisational processes
• Turn-key implementation of control and automation systems from the sensor to control room design
• Plant commissioning and user training
• Support with guaranteed reaction times
• Assistance in approval procedures

 Energy networks

Acting, not reacting, is the key to efficient network management with maximum security of supply. With a solution from PE, you know the status of your network , in the past , in real-time and in the future. We protect your investments in field devices, substation automation and communication links by using them again where useful and by upgrading where necessary. SCADA, forecasting, online real-time status monitors, offline simulation and capacity management in one integrated complete system provide a basis for decision-making instead of data views. For control room operators, for maintenance personnel, for materials requirements planners, for management, for customers and partners. Information reduced to essentials and context-sensitive control guarantee easy learning as well as operation with no errors even in stressful situations and with little maintenance effort.


Safely mastering very long distances. Our engineers know about pipeline challenges: from pipe routing to hydraulics to modes of operation and supply chain optimisation. Using offline simulation we can determine, already in the planning stages, where which instruments are required for safe and economic operation and we can make binding commitments regarding the performance of our Safepipe leak detection system. Our control system PACOS can not only be spread over large distances and even slow communication links, but provides the low signal latency required for a true real-time simulation. As advanced applications such as simulation, batch tracking, leak detection etc. and PACOS control system all share one hierarchical and topological object database, the cost and effort required for initial implementation and for maintenance in everyday operation is minimised.

 Loading plants, tank farm automation

Every drop counts. Whether it’s an individual tank farm or a network of several bulk plants with loading/unloading terminals: from order management to online inventory to vehicle routing, the whole package is covered by PACOS+TFMS. We optimise and automate the loading process, design and implement vehicle and driver identification as well as correctly preparing freight papers and linking them with your ERP system.


Analyze, network, automate and optimize all technical as well as organisational processes in an integrated manner, this is our approach to industry automation. The power of our products enables full integration of complex industrial systems spread over several locations into one consistent automation solution. Get a solid basis for collaboration for your employees instead of automation islands, proactive process optimisation instead of reactive error handling, complete automatic documentation in real-time instead of time-consuming routine activities.


Modern buildings combine a number of technical facilities and functions. The economic and safe operation of buildings requires the consistent networking of all functional elements from access management to zonal CCTV. The connectivity of PACOS enables the consolidation of all these functions in one building control system and global optimisation of all subsystems. As everything is administrated under a common control panel, future adaptations are simple and can be done with little effort. Link video data streams with heating, ventilation and air conditioning as well as well as lighting optimisation and combine several buildings, even ones in different locations, in one control system. Our technology automates buildings with several 100,000 data sources and makes your buildings more manageable.